In case you don’t have stacks of Benjamin’s to invest in a brand new kitchen, there are a number of small tricks that can give your kitchens appeal to make a significant impact. Regardless of if you want to make your tired kitchen great looking and to be user friendly, or you desire to freshen up the appeal for a possible buyer, these small upgrades will make a huge difference. CCC Remodeling proudly offers you a variety of low investment suggestions to greatly help the look of your kitchen.


Improve Functionality

If you’ve lived within your kitchen for a good length of time you will likely have a list of a few functional pet peeves. A great many of them can easily be addressed without breaking your price range. You will find numerous methods to store those unruly objects, like your go to spices that seem to evolve into an unmanageable nightmare.

In case you have got a 15” to 21” wide cabinet available you’ll be able to setup a pull out trash container. We’d say this is actually the preferred accessory for helping the functionality of a kitchen and every kitchen needs one! What about roll out trays? You may also purchase these and set them up yourself if you’re handy.


Paint happens to be the most inexpensive investment you can use to produce a dramatic difference in your kitchen remodel. A great deal of us have been known to tackle painting the walls ourselves. You’ll be able to be bold as there typically isn’t a great deal of wall exposed within the kitchen. Be sure to keep in mind and to think about the adjoining rooms and the way colors would work together. We prefer a satin or perhaps even a semi-gloss finish that really is easy to wipe clean in the cooking area. If you’re more ambitious and would like to paint your cabinets. Take off the doors, drawers and hardware, really cleanse all of the surfaces, sand or de-gloss, make use of a primer. This is an area where you really want to take your time and do it right!

Make a Counter Resolution

Probably the most visible elements within your kitchen happens to be the counter-top and a new one can create a whole world of difference. Unless you’re choosing a laminate, and there are several very nice selections around the market, you’re definitely going to spend more than $1,000. If that’s the case ensure that your cabinetry is worthy. Look for damage, particularly for water damage inside and around the sink cabinet. In the event the integrity of one’s cabinetry is compromised you really don’t want to invest a lot of money of new counter tops on cabinetry that might not hold it up!

Generate a Splash

The back splash is yet another visible element with tons of impact. Here you could get all the more creative in relation to the counter top because it’s purely decorative! Beyond being cleaner- friendly it doesn’t need to do anything but look pretty. Tile, tin panels and more are able to make an exceptional statement in regards to your back splash.

Don’t forget the Floor

Wood flooring is hot currently and that’s because it’s an excellent look to add to any kitchen and it also goes with almost everything but here’s the very best kept secret in regards to kitchen flooring.  Traffic Master Allure Ultra Resilient Flooring (usually available at most Home Depots). It stays looking great, it’s pet proof, kid proof and water resistant. It’s extremely easy to put in.

For the BEST results, you should contact CCC Remodeling and we can make all of these suggestions a reality!

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