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George Jetson – Kitchen Remodeling – Adding New Technology

There are many new ideas that can help you to come up with a FRESH concept to take your current kitchen areas design to become a beautiful modern and more functional place to work and enjoy our unique lifestyles in 2016. Trends that we are seeing in the kitchen area are technology work stations or SMART places, integrated kitchen & living spaces, texture upon texture, metal range hoods and cabinetry that includes lighting features to name just a few ideas.

Smart Areas

We are going to focus on technology in the kitchen of 2016. Particularly smart areas and Smart kitchen products. Technology has become such a major part of our lives and now it’s moving into your kitchen area in a big way, get prepared for a hi-tech transformation. Many design experts have been talking about the need for the kitchen area to have an area that is designed to help with all of the different smart devices coming online daily. Unique, hidden spots to store your android/IPhone or tablet, so that they are charged and ready for action.

Command Central

Adding a handy docking station for your tablet or smartphone will definitely give you the ability to look up new receipies, but also allows so you can regulate several devices all around the house, like sound, lighting, heating & A/C and security systems.

Smart Frying Pan

Smart Frying Pan, yes you have read that correctly. Introducing Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan, there is such thing as a smart frying pan that desires to assist you prepare much better meals. Combined with a totally free mobile app, you will get step-by-step instructions and real-time temperatures feedback. There is even a temp sensing unit inside of the product that is powered by battery power in the handle. Other than that, it’s your common 12-inch non-stick cast aluminum frying pan that works on all gas and electric powered stovetops. Just do not put it in the dishwasher or oven.


If you are used to physically entering all your calorie consumption by means of numerous food monitoring applications, then SmartPlate would like to make your daily life simpler. The 10-inch plate is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled and, get this, it arrives outfitted with three mini cameras and weight sensors. Essentially, your plate will be observing you – or in other words, calculating out what you are consuming and doling out appropriate servings. If you serve yourself too much, the plate will notify you.

iSommelier Smart Decanter

iSommelier offers to soften up the tannins fully developed wines that commonly demands many years of cellaring by means of aerating your wine with extremely concentrated purified o2. There is also a smart starting with a digital screen that shows you the name of the wine, vintage and oygenation progress pub. Again, there’s an app that connects with the decanter to let you control the device, add aeration programs and gather information about different winemakers.

Samsung Smart Fridge

This fridge is an appliance that will most likely replace the tablet or an incredible addition to the technology in your kitchen. Family Hub assists you in taking care of your home and your daily life, with Food Management, Family Connection and Entertainment capabilities. Look at what is in your fridge remotely with your mobile device at any time, anyplace. Share your family members calendars, photos, and notes right on the Spouse and children Hub, or from your mobile device. Stream your preferred audio from well-known apps and mirror video content from your Samsung Television. And with a 21.5″ Wi-Fi enabled touch screen, you can manage it all from your stunning 4-Door Flex Fridge.



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