If you are looking forward to what this year’s new kitchen styles are, we’ve completed a lot of the research for you personally. Sighting what a number of today’s leading designers say regarding what is current, applicable but most notably practical this was the general opinion of what we’ve discovered.


Probably the most intriguing inclusions in today’s contemporary kitchen area are Smart Spots. With technological innovation becoming such an enormous aspect of our way of life, get your kitchen prepared to get a hi-tech up grade. The consensus of homeowners which are choosing to have their kitchen remodeled are adamantly requiring that their kitchen area contains designated spots for their smart devices. Special locations with concealed charging stations to hold devices like tablets and phones so they will always be operable, available and charged.

Driving kitchens even more into the modern day technology, with  having a key focus on usefulness for family members on the go is by way of smart home appliances. Consumers are asking for their kitchens to be filled with high tech home appliances, from TurboChef ovens which can prepare meals faster than a microwave to US Appliance built-in coffee devices to underneath the counter wine fridges.


About what colors you may decide for your kitchen remodel undertaking, very good news if you are planning to change your present colors: the consensus for the kitchen colors are softened, subdued and demur color choices. Although the conventional white-colored designs will still be in great demand. Everything from cabinetry to back splashes will be done in less saturated shades. Charcoal, grays as well as fairly neutral pastels like pale blue, pale green gray and tinted whites are the new replacement for the conventional white. Designers are recommending that kitchens will probably be showing off lighter wood tones.

Striking primary colors, are now being placed on the back burner. Designers say that they are unquestionably out as accent colors. Most designers mentioned that drier colors will become popular. Quiet blues and greens and pale yellowish pastel will be utilized for accent colors.

Illuminated Cabinetry

Homeowners are also not settling for just ceiling lighting and table lighting fixtures to illumine their kitchen areas. The new demand from customers is well illuminated cabinetry. Many creative designers are recommending that extensive cabinet illumination is a trend to keep an eye on. Low-voltage light tape strips are utilized as emphasize sections beneath cabinetry, above cabinets, inside of cabinets and beneath counter top overhangs. These attributes will be grouped with recessed can lighting to provide much better mood-setting functionality.

One of our final suggestions to complete your kitchen remodel is integrated kitchen & living space. Perhaps your kitchen area can feel disconnected from the rest of your home. Perhaps you want your food preparation space to feel much more accommodating. Either way, this trend could be for you. Designers are merging kitchens and living rooms by including hidden and integrated appliances, as well as removing walls that separate your kitchen from your living areas. Creating a completely new atmosphere to your home.

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