Small Bathroom Remodeling in Vancouver


Small bathroom remodeling is easier than you might think. When it’s approached correctly, it can be a very simple and satisfying process, for a bathroom that just needs a little sprucing up.

To make a few simple changes, that make a big difference. Call us at 360-907-9000 for a free estimate
Small Bathroom Remodeling became a specialty of ours, as a result of listening to our customers over the years. Here are some of the questions they have asked: “I have some bath remodel ideas and questions concerning bath remodel costs.  Where do I start” ?
The first step for us, is listening. We want your ideas. We take what you present to us, then add our experience in small bathroom remodeling, and match it to your budget.

Do I have to do the whole bathroom at once?

We realize that many of our small bathroom remodeling customers have just needed to know that they could do something on a smaller scale, and smaller budget. Some of the popular, “small vs. large” bathroom remodels are:

  • Repairing or replacing bathroom tile
  • Changing old bathroom fixtures for new ones
  • Replacing the bathroom vanity and bathroom faucets
  • Repairing bathroom plumbing
  • Installing a new bathroom shower
  • Changing the lighting
  • Adding a granite countertop to the vanity in one or all of the baths
  • How long will the project take?

Let us create your dream bathroom!

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vancouver_wa_small_bathroom_remodelSmall bathroom remodeling can take as little as a few hours, to a few days.
We’re happy to work with you on scheduling work during a convenient time for you.

Renovation and remodeling are not always a huge effort. If you really only want a quick makeover, just let us know your desire. The greatest advantage of working with a remodeling contractor that has experience in small bathroom remodeling, is that we’ve seen almost everything.

The latest trends to simplest taste. Nothing but the best to “I only have this much to spend”.  Whatever it is, we’ve already been there. We’ll walk you through the process and guarantee your satisfaction when we’re done!

Beautiful Bathrooms can come with small changes. Free Estimates: 360-907-9000. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We are both detail, and quality oriented. Plus, we’ll keep your home clean while we work.

We offer small bathroom remodeling in Vancouver WA and surrounding areas.

We really are the small bathroom remodeling experts