Small Kitchen Remodel Salvation

Many of us have modest kitchen areas so let’s focus on how to really make our small spaces work. Facing the facts, your kitchen area is a modest space at best, and you cannot have a kitchen area that accommodates your children’s homework, your husband’s latest Harley motor rebuild, and actual cooking duties. Unless of course you do not cook at all in which case, please feel free to store your kid’s soccer awards, old engine parts in your kitchen cabinets!

Seriously CCC Remodeling excels in small kitchen remodel salvation!

Small Kitchen Remodel SalvationTiny kitchen areas can come to feel claustrophobic when the overhead cabineta are towering above your head in such a small space. Lots of cooks cannot reach what’s inside them and there is very little space for the step stool, and the general feeling is boxy and closed in. If you’re able to get organized enough, trade the top cabinets for wide open storage space.

Consider shelf, pot holders, and magnetic knife or spice holders in its place. Not only can your kitchen area appear much more roomy, it is a terrific way to showcase your favorite dishes or shiny cookware.

Clutter is typically an aspect of not having adequate storage space. Typically, more storage space is not the answer, simplifying and removing clutter in your kitchen area is. Go through your cupboards and drawers (specifically the back) and give away or throw something that you have not utilized for a while. Ask your self if you truly require a cherry-pitting tool or an egg slicer. When you have cleared the cupboards, clear the counter tops by storing the things that bring about visual clutter.

Excellent!, you have cleared out a lot of existing storage space and your counter tops are now open free of the over flow clutter. But you still are longing for a new look to your kitchen. Lets take the first step, new counter tops.

May we recommend instead of your new counter tops being designed of Italian granite or marble, but Quartz. Quartz has numerous benefits over granite & marble, which includes that it is immune to staining and stands up to acidic food items, and it does this with out actually requiring to be sealed. It is also much more scratch and chip resistant—and it’s actually considered a enviromentally friendly option because it is created from waste stone and consequently does not involve mining slabs or transporting them around the world, each of which are carbon-intensive processes for organic granite and marble.


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