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Small Kitchen Remodeling in Vancouver WA


Small kitchen remodelingis quite popular in the Vancouver area. More and more people are seeing the benefits of changing something, if not everything in their kitchen.

Small Changes – Huge Difference !
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Small Kitchen Remodeling has grown from listening to our customers over the years. Here are some of the questions they have asked:

I have some kitchen remodeling ideas and questions concerning kitchen remodel costs. Can you help me?

Many of our customers have great ideas and an idea of what they can afford. Our job is to listen and create the vision that fits the budget.  Do I have to do the whole kitchen at once?

We realize that many of our small kitchen remodeling customers just needed to know that they could do something on a smaller scale and smaller budget. Some of the popular small vs. large kitchen remodels are:

  • Replacing a countertop with Granite or Tile
  • Changing old kitchen fixtures for new ones
  • Replacing the kitchen sink and faucets
  • Replacing kitchen cabinets
  • Changing the lighting in the ceiling and under the cabinets
  • Installing hardwood floors or using tile

Let us create your new modern kitchen!

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  • Kitchen remodeling you can trust
  • Beautiful granite countertops
  • Specializing in small jobs
  • Expert, friendly craftsmen

How long will the project take?

Small kitchen remodeling may take a day or even a week, depending on how much you choose to have done.

We are happy to work with you on scheduling work during a convenient time for you.

There is no need to fear renovation and remodeling. Our experience and care, will give you the hope you are looking for. You will be working with a remodeling contractor that has experience in small kitchen remodeling and understands your concerns.  We plan each project to be executed in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of disruption to your home.  We will keep your home clean while we work.

Whatever it is, we have already been there. We’ll walk you through the process and guarantee your satisfaction when we’re done.
The last time you see our tail lights, we want a smile on your face.

Call us with your ideas, dreams and wishes!
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We are licensed and bonded and quality oriented. We offer small kitchen remodeling in Vancouver WA and surrounding areas. We really are the small kitchen remodeling experts.